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image of inside Suribachi crater

image of lava vent - Suribachi

Iwo Jima September 1965
Inside the crater of Mt. Suribachi. (Note on photo says: "Spent a couple of days just roaming around the inside of the crater -- fun!")


Iwo Jima September 1965
Mt. Suribachi crater...looking down into the crater and the exit vent cut along side of crater to allow any lava flow to run off into sea.


image of invasion beach

image of plateau - invasion beach

Iwo Jima January 1966
"...and the beaches ran red with blood" A view looking towards Mt. Suribachi taken along invasion beach. Some leftover debris from invasion is still seen in lower right of image.

Iwo Jima January 1966
The plateau leading up from invasion beach. The image is facing the opposite direction from previous photograph. Note the black volcanic sand. The beach was called "beach ball alley" by us for here was our favorite location to retrieve "glass beach balls" discarded from Japanese fishing nets.


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